Thurbolt’s Story

Hello everyone, This is Kanber and I think it would be better if I tell you the story myself.. Its a bit comprehensive, but %100 honest..

Good things in life has a background of a combination of small things, like a chain. One comes after another, and we call this the story. Those small things in Thurbolt’s story are; the builded up start-up’ability, the inspirational encounter, the sad enlightment, the first spark that started this fire and first support from the community..

The builded up start-up’ability

I studied electrical & electronics engineering in the university. Last two years, I was really passionate to  practical expertise on electromechanical and structural systems. Worked for around 2 years on BLDC motor drive trains for vehicles, carbon-fiber and kevlar structures for METU Solar Car team’s race cars, those precious materials were abundant and we had a great chance of trying different techniques.. At the end, I was asking myself, ok but how and where will I use this structure building expertise on the electrical & electronics ? Anyways I put it in my pocket and moved on..

After graduation I started working in a German-Turkish company which manufactures renewable energy generation systems and there we’ve worked on designing and manufacturing aluminum parts, machine building and industrial control systems.. After around 2 years, I put them in the pocket and moved on..

Then I started up my own company, for around 3 years I learned and experienced the business life, I had to learn management, marketing, paying taxes and all other hidden costs, employing good people, dealing with bad guys… And.. I couldnt build up the sustainability and fucked the business up.. My dad (please god give him a long healthy life) saved my ass.. Then I returned back to my hometown, Antalya..

I sattled down, started working for a local company as the r&d manager, got married.. During my employment, I had many chances of international business trips.. I communicated foreign people, saw the opportunities, met with investors.. After around 4 years! (I did waited long, yes but..) I started thinking of building a start up again, leveraging my network, skills and which would start on Antalya’s beautiful environment and grows towards the international markets.. I was thinking, what would that be and how.. (Click here for some photos)

The inspirational encounter

All my life I feel a passion towards motorcycles. I tried and have been dealing with many hobies like photography & videography, gastronomy, fishing, shooting, RC cars, drones, ham radio, amateur yatching.. Since that, I couldnt find time to start motorcycling..

One day, I saw a brand and its custom motorcycles.. I’ve learned and suprised that a Turkish entrepreneur started that brand up and now his products are all around the world increasing fun and excitements in peoples lives !

That was the time I told myself that I now got the true inspiration.. I asked.. Cant I just find a similar custom design and manufacturing business.. Get in to a standard products market, work internationally and build extra-ordinaries, products that are far way better than the global state of the art.. Increase fun and excitements in peoples lives !..

The sad enlightment

Not long ago, I lost my best friend, my brother in a car accident.. He was at his 30s, married, had a cutest girl.. Just months before he owned a beautiful hause, was going to move into it, planning to have some lands too.. I was envy of his dreams.. And suddenly he was gone, the driver slept and they crashed into a truck.. 3 people were dead except the driver.. (Link)

We were at his funeral, I cried my eyes out like a little child.. They’ve burried him in a hurry, I just watched, in just a few minutes he was underground.. The crowd disipated and I was there standing in front of his fresh grave..

What the fuck about this period, called “life”.. Be born, get raised, obey the rules, live for the god, honor the society, get married, have kids, get old and die.. My brother was on this road and he couldn’t even make till the end.. After a week they said “must not die with the dead person, life goes on”.. We forgot..

Before that incident, I was thinking the same things.. But after that, my thoughts gathered and started to get realised..

The first spark that started this fire

I was online as I could find time on breaks, looking up and seeking something to start my fire.. I saw a wooden, curved structure on a gentleman’s profile.. He was like a carpenter but that structure was different.. He is my good friend now, his name is Sean. (Click here to go to his instagram account) I asked him about it and he said it was a dropped deck for a skateboard.. Skateboards ? I knew them but never put a foot on any of them.. Next day I went to a shop and touched and tried one.. I was really interested.. I started investigating the whole internet, met with electric skateboards, watched the huge crowd, saw the possibilities..

That was it, the spark just started my fire.. All my background, motivation for customs, passion about motorized vehicles.. They started to punch my mind.. I said damn.. I’ve found it.. There were engineering, design, manufacturing, competition, huge community, fun and excitement in this business.. I checked myself many times, I feel my passion that will make me work days, weeks and months behind it.. I promised myself that I will go on this road and build some extraordinary esk8s !

First support from the community

I started planning, gathering information.. I was wondering about how and where can I get supported.. I called some local manufacturers first, there were very few of them.. One company responded, I told the responsible gentleman that “I was gonna build the fastest electric skateboard in the world!” (and we will do that), he said ok, that was a taugh target and he gave me some insights. There, we got our first support from that great company, our very first decks.. Their brand is Scops (Click here to go to their website).

And here we are

It has been few months and our prototypes are being developed, we’ve builded our own hydrolic press “The Neutron Star Mk1” , our own deck cutter & engraver CNC “Thurbolt CNC Mk1” and so on.. (Click here to go to our manufacturing & test systems)..

We set our goals, defined our principles (Click here to go to the about page and read them).. We are continuously motivated by the excellent esk8er and skateboarder community. We have friends like the (click and go to their instagram accounts) huzzler_ , annonable, 707hillbilly, redrider02, greigesk8, saziver_sketches, agssalim, loloskatefrite, dashseiffer , mike.maner, thatbillgordon.. and other many cool people out there.. We keep exchanging ideas and strengtening our network.

All and all, I may not have a perfect grammar while explaining stuff but this wont be the case when it comes to our products.. They will be perfect.. I promise..

Thank you for your time, thanks a lot for your support.. I must say that especially at this stage, supports we get will never be forgotten.. Will be given back in the medium and the long term..