Other Services

If you think you have an innovative idea that will add value to human lives, we are here to provide technical support to your engineering, prototyping and manufacturing needs. By using low cost & high quality services in Turkish industry, we can offer you cost effective solutions.

Tech support on your EV & Energy storage projects

Thurbolt team is currently focused on realiable motor drivers, BMS, main controllers, cooling systems and remotes for stand & ride vehicles (esk8s, one wheels and such). Rather than that we can support you on your EV & Energy storage projects.

Tech support on your RC projects

We are developing electromechanical parts and systems for electric stand & ride vehicles. Some of those parts can power up your RC projects.

*High power BLDC motors *BLDC motor drivers *Batteries *Battery management and protection circuits (BMS) *Main controllers *Remote controllers *Telemetry systems *Servos & Servo drivers *Reduction gears and transmission elements *Body structures *CNC parts

Electronics hardware & software design, prototyping

We can design your electronic circuits including power electronics, microcontrollers and embedded systems, automation systems, data logging & analysis circuits, digital & analog hardware and serial bus electronics. Lets prepare schematics, design and prototype your PCB's and test them for you.

Mechanical CAD (Computer Aided Design)

We are currently using Solidworks and Fusion 360 for our CAD needs. We can design any mechanical part, mechanism or machines according to your requirements.

3D Printing - CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

We do have Cubicon Single Plus for FDM prints with ASA, ULTRAT, PETG, NAYLON, PP, FLEX materials , we also have SLA and HP MJF printout services.

Laser Cut & Sheet metal parts - CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Sheet metals and laser cut parts give you great flexibility while designing machinery or any body structures. With extensive capabilities with our partners we offer you precision manufacturing service.

CNC Cut & Carving aluminum,wood, CF, plastic parts - CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

After a proper & manufacturable 3D design, we use our CNC router machines to carve and engrave parts from different materials.

Moulded parts by mould design - CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

We are designing and manufacturing poliurethane, silicone and rubber parts out of proper mould designs.

Vacuum forming with custom moulds - CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Vacuum forming is the technique for you if a hallow-inside-design is needed. We design a custom mould for you and then do the manufacturing out of ABS sheets.