Thurbolt’s Manufacturing and Test Systems

Beside design, our aim is to achieve the highest robustness and performance on our products. To do that, we are using/will use test and analysis machines to test & analyse each product.

Here we present you the machines that we’ve designed & builded (or about to do) for manufacturing and testing of our skateboard decks, electronics, motors, batteries, remote controllers.. etc. We push them hard and be sure that they will give their rider the highest, proved performance !

1. The ultimate, hardcore, taughest hydrolic deck press ever: The Neutron Star Mk1

2. Our good looking, very capable deck cutter-engraver CNC: Thurbolt CNC Mk1

3. The taugh guy, can break a deck in a second but goes nice and easy, our deck strenght & flexibilitiy analyser: The Hammer Mk1

4. Powerful and Speedy motors you say ? You cannot fool this machine, connect your Esk8 then let it roll and analyse the drivetrain: The Roller Mk1

Ps. Do you like the names ? Mk1 s ? Yeah, we think life would be a little bit better and motivating when we play it a bit like the Iron Man 😉