Kanber and the answers to tough questions

Our main focus now is on stand & ride vehicles, especially on Esk8s. Last time on a discussion, there were some tough questions thrown at us, some were legitimate and some were cruel.

We will answer those questions also here in this page because we are all open and %100 honest on our road to success, and that will only be achieved with your trust.

Here we go..

Who is Kanber really, does he have an experience on esk8s?

He is an electrical & electronics engineer, in his mid 30’s, working as R&D manager in a local company. He discovered esk8ing and saw the potential in the market. He saw that there are much to do for the safety, performance, functionality and popularity of these machines, he believes that under Thurbolt brand we people can create and utilize innovations. Click here to read Thurbolts story.

No, Kanber was not an experienced esk8er. By 28.08.2019, its been 5 months since he created Thurbolt brand and started working on esk8’s. But this doesnt mean that he is not capable because he has experience of more than 6 years on industrial bldc motors, batteries, control electronics, remotes and prototyping & CAD/CAM & nearly all kinds of manufacturing diciplines. He knows exactly what can be done in the esk8 industry. Besides, he is very good at tech idea development and realisation.

Why do we see Kanber all the time, isn’t this brand corporate and professional?

Kanber is here all the time because he is and he always be there to stay proudly behind the Thurbolt’s products. Thurbolt is not a ghost brand, there is a real founder, real supportive people behind it.

We are not a corporate type brand, we don’t have rigid walls or bureaucracy going on, we are a small start-up, independent and we act fast while producing professional solutions.

Why does Kanber not go with his own name and own work, why is a brand necessary ?

The answer is simple, this is not a “me” type of brand, there will be a “we” inside and everywhere, we are gathering a team and building a culture around our great brand.

Knowing that you are new in Esk8ing, are you bragging with those big goals?

We dont say that we are currently creating best esk8s or anything, we only say that “we will revolutionize” and “we will achieve great goals”.. We are just aiming high, it’s funny that this is discomforting some people..

Are you here to copy things and sell under your brand?

No.. Never.. Our aim is to reach the state of the art first and then to pass it with better solutions. But please, let’s not confuse “building something in the same class” with “copying”.

Let’s give an example at this point, if we build a hatchback car and serve the hatchback car market with it, will it be copying?

Knowing that there are mature companies on the market, how dare you say that you’re going to improve things in esk8ing?

Start-ups can not survive without daring.. We are proud of what we do.. Come join us, support us and lets build somethings really really amazing..

Are you here to build a fortune?

No, money is not the main drive force in this business.. We would like to see that we can create better machines and people (we included) use them for the ultimate fun.. That’s our main motivation..