Devices for DC Systems

OVS (Over Voltage Supressor) Modules

Over Voltage Supressor modules are small sized protection modules that protects valuable electronics like ESC's, PLC's, ECU's, BMS's from overvoltage damages in a DC system. These modules are mainly made of perfectly matched TVS diode arrays. With their modular structure, PCB's can be stacked for more power options. Protection voltage ranges from 12 to 700V snd supression power ranges from 60W to 30.000W. We can manufacture OVS modules in DIN Rail Mountable or Heat Shrink Covered Module versions.

Where to use: For protection of electronics in electric vehicles, automation systems, motor drive systems. Against regenerative braking shocks, noises and inductive voltage spikes. Contact us for the protection voltage and supression power options.

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Keyspark Antispark Switches

Antispark switches are being used in DC systems, especially in battery powered electric vehicles. Without antispark switches, if a DC device (with a capacitor bank) is powered up directly from the batteries, an electric spark occurs which is not comfortable for it's user, destroys electrical contacts, can be dangerous in explosive environments. Antispark switches operates in 2 modes, first they precharges any capacitor bank connected to the DC bus, then powers up the whole system safely. Keyspark antispark switches are developed to have a simple yet robust structure which allows it's user to operate it with an ON/OFF key to prevent unauthorized activation.

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