20.02.2020 – New design has been created for OVS modules, increased safety and suppression capacity !

20.02.2020 – New design has been created for Keysparks, more reliable, more capable, smaller !

06.02.2020 – New stickers available ! First set will be sent to a friend in USA !

02.02.2020 – We did a nice photoshoot of our 3 dummy boards, one of them is the dummy Thurbolt Parabellum.

31.01.2020 – First set of OVS Modules had been manufactured and shipped to our customer in USA.

30.01.2020 – OVS Modules info sheet had been prepared and published on the mainpage.

28.01.2020 – Prototyping and testing phases for the OVS Modules are finished, we have the final product now.

08.01.2020 – Keyspark M300L , M600L & OVS M20 V1.0 prototypes were sent to production.

07.01.2020 – Weldboy with BC V1.0 prototype has been prepared for final tests.

06.01.2020 – Thurbolt Türkiye sayfası revize edildi.

04.01.2020 – We designed keyspark as 2 versions, M300L and M600L.

02.01.2020 – We revised our website according to the feedback we received from our customers, thank you _rk_skateboarding !

29.12.2019 – According to one of our customers demand, we started developing hi power (OVS) over-voltage suppression modules, ranging from 12V to 700V and will have power ratings between 600 – 30.000 Watts.

27.12.2019 – Alpha prototype and proof of concept tests of our antispark switch V1.0 , KEYSPARK completed.

14.12.2019 – We moved all non-ev-related ideas and projects to INNOBROTHERS brand, so it is all EV related on THURBOLT’s side

10.12.2019 – WELDBOY PBC’s (alpha) were received after production

08.12.2019 – We created our INNOBROTHERS Open Innovation Agency to create ideas and realise ideas with the companies into the market

02.12.2019 – WELDBOY PBC’s (alpha) were sent to production.

29.11.2019 – PCB design of Thurbolt  Antispark switch V1.0 completed.

25.11.2019 – We created “Lithium Engineering” brand to use in the future for our battery-related products and services, the domain will be

24.11.2019 – We designed & builded our coil winder machine

24.11.2019 – We changed our slogan from “creative & innovative EV” to “Innovative EV Systems & Entertainment”

23.11.2019 – Design phase of Thurbolt Antispark switch has been started

22.11.2019 – PCB design of WELDBOY Control stage, Power-up stage, Basic control stage, all V1.0, completed.

20.11.2019 – We started working on our electromagnet solutions, retarders & brakes

20.11.2019 – We received THURBOLT brands Trademark Certificate

13.11.2019 – EVA 1 is on the work bench !

10.11.2019 – Design phase of thermo-isolated artistic spot welder probes and enjoyable foot switches has been started

09.11.2019 – 10S 4P battery pack of our EVA 1 has been BMSed & completed & charged

09.11.2019 – We builded and 3D printed Weldboy V1.0 3D model

04.11.2019 – Design phase of Thurbo-Charge Li-ion battery charger has been started

04.11.2019 – Design phase of Thurbo-Drive BLDC motor driver has been started

04.11.2019 – Manufacturing phase of WELDBOY V0.1 has been started

03.11.2019 – Test video of WELDBOY V0.0 prototype has been released on our youtube channel

29.10.2019 – WELDBOY V0.0 prototype has been finished and working properly

16.10.2019 – For the first time we use airbrushing to color wooden engraves

15.10.2019 – Vacuum mould order was shipped to our customer

12.10.2019 – We manufactured the wooden vacuum mould according to our customers order

12.10.2019 – Vacuum tank side of our vacuum former was finished and tested

10.10.2019 – According to the requests we received, the name of our battery spot welder has been changed from T-WELD to WELDBOY

04.10.2019 – For the first time, our brand was stickered on a racers equipment in USA

03.10.2019 – Received our first vacuum mould CNC manufacturing order

02.10.2019 – We designed and prototyped our first quick action button controlled relay type battery spot welder system

01.10.2019 – Our first international order was delivered to our customer in Florida / USA

25.09.2019 – We started designing our own Industrial vacuum former

23.09.2019 – We started designing our own proper battery spot welder system

22.09.2019 – Race trophies were builded and sent to Colorado Cali, Colorado / USA

10.09.2019 – Thurbolt Manufacturing “storage systems” turned out to be infeasable at this point and we will be manufacturing these for our usage only. Simply because, since we design for robustness and quality, the overall structure of the systems must be heavy-duty and shipping it to a long distance is highly costly.

10.09.2019 – Our first international sponsorship goes to “rocky mountain esk8 races” which will be held on 15th September 2019.

09.09.2019 – BLDC driver IC’s were received, working on the new motor controller circuit.

09.09.2019 – Our first order was manufactured and shipped.

30.08.2019 – Thurbolt received and got paid for its first international order to Florida / USA