Modular battery spot welder with many options and accessories

Our DIY friendly battery spot welder, WELDBOY will let you safely connect li-ion cells together with conductive nickel strips. It gets its power from preferably car batteries or high C li-pos and spot welds continuously according to your commands. With custom stand mount options, you will be using your welding table effectively. Weldboy is modular, has different power stage, control stage and HMI options. Customly designed probes do not burn your hands and our Weldboy has fancy enclosure options. You can pre-order now ! Contact us.

Click here for the test video 1 on youtube !

Click here for the test video 2 on youtube !

Robust antispark switches with key activation

Antispark switches let you safely connect ESC's (electronic motor controllers) to the battery packs by pre-charging load capacitors and preventing harmful sparks. We designed a simplified hence reinforced mosfet structure with dedicated very high capacitance capable precharge and discharge (after regen voltages) mechanism, 2 to 4 pcs of 80V 300A powertrench mosfets, low side or high side switching options with key activation capability. You will just need to insert and turn your key and then remove it. Turning your electric skateboard on will be that easy. The key activation will prevent non-esk8ers from activating your electric skateboard. Contact us now !

Version 2.0 of ML300 & ML600 are ready ! More robust and reliable now !



OVS modules for over voltage surge protection

Overvoltage surges commonly occured on DC power supply lines, because of regenerative braking, overloading, oscillations etc. and results in component mulfunctions and can destroy electronics. OVS (over voltage suppressor) modules consist mostly of perfectly matched transient voltage suppressor diode combinations. Our modules ranges from 12V DC to 700V DC and have power ratings of from 600W to 30.000W. Contact us now !

Click here for the OVS Modules info sheet


Warming up with dummies

We are experimenting various manufacturing techniques on dummy boards. We are warming up for the upcoming stages of our journey !

We will be designing wooden and fiberglass decks with unique visual and structural designs. There will be various truck mounting plate options that let you build different types of street boards and off road boards on the same decks. To integrate batteries, ESC's and all other electronics to the boards while building your electric skateboard, we will be offering visually attractive and mechanically robust enclosures.



Warming up with EVA 1

We will be building custom electric skateboards for ourselves and for our friends. We are warming up for it by building EVA 1, our custom esk8 which also serves us as an evaluation platform for our sub systems.

We will also be building one of a kind prototypes named as Thurbolt Parabellum and Thurbolt Dark Phoenix soon, as promised.