All about THURBOLT

Thurbolt is an international E-Vehicle designer & manufacturer which is currently focused on stand & ride type vehicles (electric skateboards, one-wheels and alike) .

What are the main motivations

Two main motivations;

  1. Increasing the efficiency in human transportation, saving the earth
  2. Increasing fun & adrenaline in human lives

Why focused on stand & ride vehicles now

Three main reasons;

  1. Stand & ride vehicles (esk8’s, one-wheels and like)  has the highest power efficiency among all transportation options. In order to mobilize a human, cars have to move tonnes of mass, motorcycles a few hundred kilograms, stand & rides however few kilos.
  2. Esk8s gives the strongest feeling of freedom. Motorcycles are better than cars, esk8s are better than motorcycles.
  3. Current products on the market have major shortcomings, there is much room to innovate.

What else we do

We use our e-drive and battery management expertise on supporting all kinds of e-vehicle projects. We are providing solutions on electromagnetics, custom electronics design.  We will use our creativity and technical expertise on creating extreme RC toys for the big boys. If you need product ideas, we can also help you on creating great value.

What are the goals

Long term

  • We will start-up an incredible Esk8 Fight-Race organization which will attract more people than “Robo Race”, “Formula-E” and even “Formula-1”!
  • We will be the most well-known electric vehicle designer & manufacturer brand that creates the most effective and efficient vehicles for fun & adrenaline
  • We will have manufactured and sold 1M vehicles

Medium term 

  • We will create the highest performance esk8 in the world, unbeatable in a drag race
  • We will have 3 top-of-the-line esk8 models in our product line
  • We will have the custom Esk8 manufacturing capability for VIP customers
  • We will have manufactured and sold 1K vehicles

Short term 

  • We will create our team, company
  • We will serve people with custom EV parts, custom EV builds.
  • We will serve “Professional RC Hobbysts” with our driver + motor + battery management sets.
  • We will have received and delivered 1K orders

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Thurbolt Prototypes

We never deal with any prototype unless it’ll be awesome !.. Each prototype on this group has unique features, they’re pre-designed already.

Building these prototypes in a fair amount of project duration requires sustainable income and a good technical team, thats why we put this stage into our medium term goals. Thurbolt is in its first stage, we need sustainable income and we are planning to have it with our custom decks, battery spot welders, custom builds and collectibles. In other words we need your support !..

1. Thurbolt EVA 1:

The board that will allow us to test our electromechanical designs on it.

2. Thurbolt Parabellum:

High speed esk8 racer with widest torque-speed curve. Named after the latest John Wick movie (Thanks Keanu and the guys behind the scenes, you all played well).

3. Thurbolt Dark Phoenix:

Worlds fastest esk8 with an ultimate power battery pack & motor drive system. Named after the most powerful mutant on the X-Man series.