Thurbolt is an electric vehicles and related sub-systems designer brand which is currently focused on electric skateboards (esk8s).

We have two main motivations

  1. Increasing the efficiency in human transportation, saving the earth
  2. Increasing fun & adrenaline in human lives

Why focused on electric skateboards now, 3 main reasons

  1. Stand & ride vehicles (esk8's, one-wheels and like)  has the highest power efficiency among all transportation options. In order to mobilize a human, cars have to move tonnes of mass, motorcycles a few hundred kilograms, stand & rides however few kilos.
  2. Esk8s gives the strongest feeling of freedom. Motorcycles are better than cars, esk8s are better than motorcycles.
  3. Current products on the market have major shortcomings, there is much room to innovate.


Our Team

Kanber, Founder

Burcu, COOE

Elvan, Human Resources Expert

Müge, Photography & Marketing Expert

Kaan, E&E Engineer

Ramazan, Visual Design and Manufacturing Expert

Sezgin, Machine Design and Construction Expert

Saziver, Graphic Designer